Learning the benefits of Squash in the back garden

Learning the benefits of Squash in the back garden

Squash is a sport which is gaining popularity with passing time. Not many are aware of this sport but it’s quite similar to tennis in numerous ways. The equipment used to play squash resembles to that of tennis in several ways. Hollow balls and rackets are two of the most important and basic playing equipment used to play squash. The only difference squash is played within four walls whereas tennis is in open court. Both players are standing on the same side and try to hit the ball to the wall in front of them. Squash has its own rules, using the best quality sporting equipment will make this game enjoyable and safe.

For a long time squash was considered to be an upper class sport but slowly this perception is changing. Presently squash is considered as an endurance game which is undertaken socially and professionally. There are several benefits of playing squash. Not many individuals are aware but squash brings several benefits from social as well as health perspective. Here are few:

Aerobic capability

Squash may seem to be easy but it’s a sport which will require a lot of hard work. This is one sport which will ensure effective application of human heart. Squash is a high-energy game which will beat your heart hard. With regular squash sessions individual’s aerobic ability tends to improve. What’s more interesting about this game is that it fuses lots of moves, something which will push your body’s cardio continuously.

Makes muscle stronger

The most exciting thing of playing squash is that it helps in muscle development. Squash is one game which involves workout of the entire body. From speeding hand actions to long leg strides, squash covers everything. This sport makes use of entire body from upper to lower portion which in the long run keeps you fit and active. Muscles which aren’t often exercised can benefit from squash, in the long run which will help it become much stronger. Alongside squash also enhances core strength of your body giving it ripped and trimmed appearance.

Burns body fat

Squash increases your heartbeat and this in turn will help in burning body fat. An hour of squash everyday can allow you to burn around 500 calories at ease. Almost every sport needs hard work, squash needs excessive hard work. More you workout the better it is for your fat burning process, reason why squash is becoming immensely popular among today’s generation. Make squash a part of your life and enjoy slim and well-toned body in few days. Every time you play squash your body dips into the fat reserves. Within a few days of playing one can easily start to realize the difference. Make squash a part of your life and enjoy slimmer body. Apart from losing weight there are various other benefits which make squash a must for today’s generation.

Makes body flexible

One best thing about squash is that it makes your body flexible. Squash involves both large as well as small muscles in human body thereby making you more agile. Squash is a high intensity sport and hence brings about muscle tightness. Spending a few minutes every day to play this sport can benefit you immensely in the long run.

Improving coordination

Squash improves hand-eye coordination immensely. This is one sport where you need to be fast and active; else you will lose to your opponents. The ball once strikes the wall comes back in a few seconds, which means you need to be ready always. This preparedness helps in improving your hand-eye coordination. What’s more the sport has a positive influence on how your limbs interact all through the game. There are simplest of things which squash covers giving you more health benefits.

Squash is today one of the most popular sports, people of all age groups are participating in it professionally as well as socially. Apart from the above mentioned points there are far more benefits of squash. Pick up the squash racket now and start unleashing all the health benefits yourself.

Squash today is one of the most distinctive games which can be played by any individual, irrespective of age and sex. In many places kids are also taking huge interest in this sport. At a time when health consciousness is increasing among today’s generation, squash is emerging the best sporting activities for younger generation. Squash brings for you a whole new range of health benefits and features, compelling parents to encourage their kids. At a time when football and cricket is getting all the attention, squash is also not lagging far behind. Modern-day individuals have started realizing the long term health benefits and fun associated with this sport. What about you? Still thinking to take up this sport? Shop some of the best squash equipments and enjoy this high-intensity sport.


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