Club Night Update – May 2017

by on 15/05/17 at 8:38 am

Dear Member,

The Committee would like to tell you about a change to Wednesday Club Nights.

We have managed to secure more of our new coach, Sam Henley’s time than we initially thought and he has now offered to provide coaching sessions from 7.30 to 8.30 to members attending club night.

There will be no additional cost to those members who want coaching on Wednesday Club Night.  This change will take place on Wednesday 24th May.

To get the best out of this new arrangement, the members that we consulted felt that it would be far more effective and enjoyable if sessions were geared around the standard of the players attending. Simply put, coaching is easier to manage and more effective if players of similar standard are grouped together.

We are therefore going to propose three groups for coaching at club night: standard, intermediate and advanced.

This will be self managing – we see no need to legislate which group people join. Players should decide themselves which group to join and simply change groups if they wish. They can also discuss with Sam and seek his view – just like the squash leagues no one really wants to be in the wrong group for their playing level.

Of course groups may not be evenly balanced or they may change over time so its up to those people attending to make it work. It means that as people improve they may progress to a higher group so, for some people, and for those that want it, it will add to their sense of achievement.  It will also be another step towards raising the standard of our club.

The Committee would like to thank all those members who engaged with us on this issue.

All the best,

The Committee

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