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IMG_6169This years club championships was dominated by juniors and culminated in finals night on Saturday 14th May from 5pm. With last years years champion Shaun Chaplin being knocked out by Matt Saunders in the semi, we were guaranteed a new name on the trophy this year.

In the FINAL Matt was suffering from two tough matches in beating both Mark Harrop and Shaun but even without this, his opponent was obviously two strong.

Ed Miles playing with supreme confidence, took the ‘T’ and Matt was made to cover too much ground with excellent line and length. The games disappeared too quickly for Matt, with Ed’s movement and early ball striking too much too handle.

Ed ran out a worthy Club Champion and at the tender age of 16, brighter things are hopefully on the horizon for him.
In the PLATE Jamie Roe played and beat his close friend Keith Stocker and once again crisp hitting to the back, prevented Keith from dominating the ‘T’. The third game was tighter but in the end Jamie won 3-0.

The JUNIORS Final was undoubtably the match of the night and a family affair, with Ed & Billy vying for ‘top dog’ in the Miles camp. Billy attacked Ed early on with relentless pressure and moved into a 9-5 lead. Ed’s patience paid off as he clawed back the deficit with long rallies and tight hitting. Ed won the first game on a tie break, which spurred on Billy in the second and he ran out a easy winner upping the tempo. Ed re-focused in the third and fourth games and both players showed supreme athleticism covering all parts of the court. As a spectator the match was terrific, as a referee the match was ‘interesting’ but in the end Ed’s quality of shot and patience wore Billy down, as he claimed the Junior crown again.

In the Juniors B Final, Alex Reynolds ran out a 3-1 winner against James Caps. Two tight games both went Alex’s way and despite clawing back the third, James had no answer for Alex’s patience in the fourth, making fewer unforced errors and taking the match 3-1.


Both Juniors matches were superb and the juniors are a credit to the junior training at the club on Sunday mornings. With youngsters like Harvey McIntyre & Elize Chaplin also knocking on the door, the juniors events should prove very interesting in the coming years.




Results ;


Ed Miles beat Matt Saunders, 9-0,9-1,9-2


Jamie Roe beat Keith Stocker, 9-1,9-4,10-8


Ed Miles beat Billy Miles, 12-10,3-11,11-6,11-7

Juniors ‘B’ Final

Alex Reynolds beat James Caps, 11-8,11-8,3-11,11-7.

Semi-final ;


S/F 1 – Ed Miles beat Billy Miles, 3-0.

S/F 2 – Matt Saunders beat Shaun Chaplin, 3-2. (8-10,9-7,9-10,9-1,9-3)


S/F 1. Jamie Roe beat Jon Hart, 3-0.

S/F 2. Keith Stocker beat Clive Driscoll, 3-0. (9-1,9-2,9-7)


MAIN : 1. Ed Miles beat Christian Miles, 3-0.    2. Billy Miles beat Steve Casey, 3-0.  3. Shaun Chaplin beat Nigel Pope, 3-0    4.Matt Saunders beat Mark Harrop, 3-1.

PLATE : 1. Jon Hart beat Steve Bartlett, 3-0.    2. Jamie Roe beat Howard Baker, 3-0.  3.Jason Chaplin beat Dave Nolan, 3-0.    4. Clive Driscoll beat Dave Harrop, 3-2.

Last 16
MAIN; 1.Ed Miles beat Mark Jones, 3-0.  2.Christian Miles beat Steve Bartlett, 3-0. 3.Steve Casey beat Howard Baker, 3-0;  4.Billy Miles v Chris Anselmi, 3-0.  5.Shaun Chaplin beat Mark Neil, 3-1. 6.Nigel Pope beat Jason Chaplin,3-2.  7.Matt Saunders beat Dave Harrop, 3-1.  8.Mark Harrop beat Keith Stocker, 3-0.



PLATE; 1.Jon Hart beat Ollie Secomb.  2.Jamie Roe beat Alex Cowell, 3-2.  3.Dave Nolan beat Warren Roe. 4.Clive Driscoll beat John Stansfield.




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